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Daz is a tattoo artist at Diabolik and as a professional artist he has been drawing most of his life. He is known for intricate shading and detailed line work.

He began tattooing in 1997 whilst completing his degree in fine arts. After a decade and a half he has experience in all aspects of tattooing and particularly enjoys tattooing comic book style, Japanese, horror, freehand designs and realistic. Daz is the go to man for skulls.

If you would like to contact Daz you can stop by the studio, call us on 49296661 or email him at



Dave Rumbler is a tattoo artist at Diabolik and specialises old school tattoo art. His work is vibrant, high impact and has a rockabilly feel. Dave has been tattooing for 8 years, he enjoys all aspects of tattooing, often freehand and creates custom works in his unique style.

Dave has travelled the world both in his punk-rockabilly band ‘The Casino Rumblers’ and tattooing at conventions. He also enjoys tattooing on the festival circuit.

You can follow Dave Rumbler on Instagram at @dave_rumbler or email him at If you would like to check out his music you can find his band page on Facebook.



Renae is an apprentice at Diabolik. Her work is very colourful and high impact. She has always been interested in creative things having a background in special effects makeup. She loves skateboarding and snowboarding, and does commissioned art on decks and boards. Renae is a keen photographer with an adventurous spirit.

If you would like to commission one of Renae’s decks you can contact her via email at or follow her on Instagram @renaehaak.



Emily is an apprentice at Diabolik. She is a dedicated artist, having studied fine arts. She is drawn towards traditional style paintings and tattoo flash and is inspired by occult symbolism. Her work is dark, moody and has a folky feel.  Emily Jane enjoys photography, plays guitar and sings. She is a piano teacher and has been around art and music all her life.

If you would like to commission a painting from Emily you can contact her via email at, or follow her on Instagram at @furiousxkitten.



Matt is the owner and piercer at Diabolik. He began piercing in 1993 and has been piercing at Diabolik since its inception. Matt is focused on providing well placed and safe piercings in a clean and professional environment. He offers a high level of customer service, informing his clients on all aspects of their piercing, from preparation and placement through to aftercare. You can contact Matt via email at